Secure Authenticated Facilities Environment (S.A.F.E©)

The Security and Intelligence Division is a dynamic and adaptive unit that optimizes air, land and sea ports, anti-terrorism and creation of state of the art security systems. Our SAFE© platform delivers total, responsive and inclusive solutions.

Safe and Secure Nation Platform (SSNP)

Federal, Regional, and State agencies, along with public and private associations and business firms, face the constant threat of security, risk, and asset-management dangers in day-to-day operations. Taking control and mitigating these concerns presents opportunities to create safer environments for employees and protect company assets, driving higher satisfaction and business margins. Integrating proprietary technology that is customized and deployed for each client, SSNP© delivers real-time intelligence, identification management, and threat mitigation solutions that prevent, thwart, and manage unforeseen security events. Our customizable solution can be implemented within 120 days, including related training for security officers.

Security & Protection of Assets

We can provide training to police, military, and security in various operational, supervision and management areas from a network and staff of people who have an extensive background in various areas to protect people and assets.

Identity Management

We have recently engaged in National Identity Management projects based on Unique Identification Numbers and Biometrics to create and Issue National Identities and related documents. We have demonstrated expertise in Data Harmonization and ETL.