CONNECT is a proven web-based clinical portal with a reputation for high physician satisfaction and rapid adoption. The secure solution displays vital patient information stored in disparate, Federated systems in one comprehensive, configurable, mobile-friendly view.
There are several point-of-care systems that have EMRs and are capturing data about clinical encounters.
Immediate & Quantifiable Benefits Include:
  • Improved quality of care for health care consumers who will be able to migrate without limitations across HMOs & healthcare institutions.
  • Increased access to and Improvement in the quality of health services due to transparency.
  • Improved quality of care through the effective use of ICT for decision support within the continuum of care.
  • Increased financial coverage for health care services through the effective use of ICT for National and Regional health insurance schemes and other health-related financial transactions. Ability to Scale up health insurance coverage will be enhanced.
  • Increased equity in access to and quality of health services, information, and financing through the effective use of ICTs for delivering appropriate health services for those who need them.